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September 23rd, 2009 / View in own page?

Am absolutely loving sequins! So excited that they are back in fashion and my secret love for everything sparkly can now come out of the closet. We are going to Cornwall this weekend for a friends 40th birthday so I thought this would be a good time to wear them. I have scoured the shops and found fantastic harem pants with tiny sequins in black from River Island that I just love. I did also buy the jacket but think if I wear them together I may look like a magician….. Went to Primark and got a fantastic sequin shoulder bag and a great vest with a ‘hint’ of sequins so am now ready to go. I did tell my mother who said “Do you think Cornwall is ready for this”

I thought Princess Michael looked stunning at the recent wedding and was dazzled by her fantastic necklace. I have made a pearl necklace something along the same lines but longer with my Edwardian style brooches, which I am very pleased with and may wear this weekend. It will be on the site in the near future.

Great to be in Grazia this week – I love the magazine and get it religiously so it is fantastic to be in it.

Daily Mail ‘Femail’ Article

September 3rd, 2009 / View in own page?

Logo. Daily Mail (UK)I had a great day last Monday as I went down to the Daily Mail offices in London for a shoot for the new section ‘Reader Outfit’ in Femail which is in the paper today.

It was pretty daunting due to the fact that while I was having my make-up done there was a model floating about whose hips were the size of my thighs. It is a pretty busy team in there and quite fascinating with loads of the latest fashion and accessories all over the place –some designer and quite a lot from the high street.  People coming and going all the time.

The model was doing her thing on one side and me on the other.  The photographer, Paul, was so nice as I was a fairly wooden model but he managed to make me relax as well as a young girl who was in with her mother and she mimicked me behind the camera – she was a natural.

I had help from the stylist, Lauren, and wore a dress from Karen Millen that I love because it is just a bit different and you can wear any jewellery with it.  In the photo I am wearing BES059/60 which just tones in really well and big pearl bracelets and keshi pearl earrings.  It was a great fun day.

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