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‘Pearl Matters’

Diamond and Pearl Jewelry: the Perfect Combination

June 17th, 2011 / View in own page?

Pearl NecklaceThanks to the return in popularity of classics, such as the pearl, we are seeing an increase in the availability of beautiful pieces based on traditional designs. A new trend in shopping is emerging, consumers are no longer searching for the one or two carat diamond ring, rather they are looking less at quantity and more at quality.

Included in the quality category is design.  Although it is important to have diamonds and pearls of good constitution, the setting and mixture of the two is becoming increasingly valued. The mixture within a piece of jewellery of both diamonds and pearls really allows for each to shine in their own, unique way. It is important when choosing a piece with mixed gemstones and pearls to find a balance and to avoid pieces that are simply overboard.

Diamonds add natural highlighting to any gemstone or pearl as they are crafted and cut to reflect light in the most perfect and accurate way. Of course, it is worth noting, that this reflection increases as the quality of the diamond increases. However, growing in popularity are pieces of jewellery, pendants and rings, which incorporate both diamonds and pearl jewellery. This new found, old design, is on the rise due to its aesthetically pleasing and classic combination.

A Natural Match

Both diamonds and pearls are found naturally in the earth and sea, respectively, and perhaps it is this natural creation that makes them such an ideal pair. Both diamonds and pearls can vary in color, diamonds naturally, and pearls through dying processes, thus they can be matched in quite stunning manners.  Pearls naturally occur in a white, iridescent shade which is the perfect complement to the most common, clear diamond.

When choosing a piece of jewellery that has been crafted with diamonds and pearls it is important to look around. There are an expanding variety of pieces that include both and the range is quite varied from simple to intricate. Some of the most beautiful pieces, in this authors opinion, are those that are woven together intricately tying the diamonds and pearls to one another. If you are looking for a color combination it can be a little more difficult to find pieces, however, you can always opt for a design your own option and create exactly what you are looking for.

AUTHOR: Jessica Carter is a professional freelance writer with over 10 years of experience in the diamond industry. She is currently writing the learning center for as one of the diamond experts, as well as for a variety of jewellery blogs and portals.

Why Jewellery Is The Best Gift For A Woman

June 17th, 2011 / View in own page?

Designer Pearl Jewelry

If you’re looking for a special gift, whether for a female friend, family member or your other half, then one of the best presents to buy is jewellery. Beautiful accessories and gemstones are still the language of love, whether it’s a platonic friendship or a romantic interest that you’re trying to thrill. Meanwhile, with a vast range of jewellery available you’ll always be able to find the perfect style to fit your girlfriend, whether she’s a traditional type or more at home with bohemian chic. And, unlike clothing fashion which can go out of style as quickly as it came in, jewellery can last a lifetime of fashion trends.

Trends for Summer 2011

Of course, there are indeed fashion trends in the jewellery sector too and this year is no different, with plenty of styles becoming big for summer 2011. The most notable appearances of trends are for big, colourful and in your face statement pieces such as bold cocktail rings, huge statement necklaces and large hoop earrings. These large accessories will turn everyday fashion pieces into trendy statements, allowing the addition of a ring or pair of earring to completely change the aura surrounding an outfit. Bohemian chic is also back in, as are earthy natural looks, allowing for you to enjoy beaded accessories. Natural pieces are often far more subtle than their bold counterparts yet can make or break an outfit and you’ll be able to find a variety of great subtly elegant pieces on the market. These will include both precious gemstones, natural products such as wood and feathers, and a range of colourful beads, allowing you to make a quiet statement whatever you’re wearing.

Make a Statement with Pearls

In addition to bold statement pieces and natural looks, retro has also come back in a big way, with garments in particular noting a return to the 70’s. Pearls will be seen more than ever and whether you want to dress them up with an in-vogue cocktail dress, or throw on a pair of flared jeans and light T, pearl earrings will always look great. Pearl jewellery designers will be producing statement pieces to stay in keeping with the summer’s current trend of bigger is beautiful, and the use of single pearls and pearls incorporated into drop earrings are set to be all the rage.

Buying Jewellery Gifts

If you’re buying gifts for women then jewellery presents are definitely the way to go, making the moment of gift giving really magical. A beautiful ring or stunning pair of earrings really offer the chance to give a loving gift, whether they’re a seasonal style meant to last a few months or something a little more precious to last a lifetime. There needn’t be great expense involved either, with many online websites such as providing the perfect place for you to make discounted purchases on many accessory pieces which will be top of the style list for summer. And with jewellery trends often repeating far more quickly than clothing ones you can give a gift that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Author: Anna Dewinter from PureContent

Diamond Engagement Rings vs. Pearl Engagement Rings

June 1st, 2011 / View in own page?

Both diamonds and pearls are valued for their classic and sophisticated appeal. Both precious gemstones are popularly used in engagement rings as they are believed to exude luxuriousness as well as sentimentality and both are equally gorgeous as engagement ring centre stones. How then would you go about choosing one over the other for your dream engagement ring?

Diamonds, definitely diamonds!

Who could ever dispute the natural beauty and sparkle of a diamond? Diamonds with their incredible appearance and their stunning aesthetics make for the perfect center stone for any high-end, high quality engagement ring. The major drawback where diamonds are concerned is their market price. Diamond prices tend to be high. The higher the diamond’s quality (its clarity, cut and color) is and the higher its carat weight will be, the higher its value will rise. Since diamonds are a relatively rare natural mineral and since there is such high demand for the classic diamond engagement ring, diamonds are a costly material to incorporate in your engagement ring design, albeit a stunning, spectacular one.

Pearls, give me pearls!

Timelessly classic, pearls are adored for their high luster and their elegant and graceful appearance. Pearl set engagement rings may not be as common as diamond engagement rings but that can be a plus as they are considered more unique and exceptional and are perfect for those couples looking for a singularly unique engagement ring. Freshwater, akoya and south sea pearls are just a few of the pearl types incorporated in contemporary engagement ring designs, as, these days, the variety of pears available to the everyday consumer is astounding. Thanks to this precious gemstone’s affordability and versatility couples can now own a stunning, reasonably priced engagement ring.

Why not both?

If you have the means and you can’t decide between stunning sparkling diamonds and gorgeous graceful pearls why not go with both for your ideal engagement ring? Pearls and diamonds are classic together, the luster of the pearls beautifully offsetting the natural sparkle of the diamond and vice versa. Owning a unique diamond and pearl encrusted engagement ring is sure to set you apart from the crowd.

AUTHOR: Jessica Carter is a professional freelance writer with over 10 years of experience in the diamond industry. She is currently writing for as one of the diamond experts, as well as for a variety of jewellery blogs and portals.

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